Things Other Realtors Won’t Tell You with Portland Real Estate Agent Lauren Goché

April 16, 2021 in

Every year, Portland Real Estate Agent Lauren Goché works with dozens of buyer clients. She knows what she’s talking about when it comes to navigating Portland’s real estate market! 

In this video, Lauren drops some smart + savvy real estate knowledge about buying a home in Portland that maaaaybe other real estate agents aren’t telling you. Get ready for some real talk! 

Takeaways from the video: 

If you’re looking at houses and dreaming about buying one… you MUST get a pre-approval ASAP!

This is non-negotiable! And you need this from a good, solid lender. Not all lenders are the same (just like not all REALTORS® are the same) and you must with the cream of the crop. No exceptions!


When it comes to choosing your REALTOR®, you need to work with a specialist.

You deserve to work with someone who LOVES the neighborhoods you’re looking in, and who is an expert in the era of home you’re looking for and/or the architecture you want. You deserve a true expert. In fact, this is so important that if you call me and I’m not that person, I know that person and I’m going to connect you. It’s that important. 


You need to trust your real estate agent. Period.

Don’t work with someone you don’t trust. Your REALTOR® should have your best interest at heart, and you need to listen to their advice to be successful.


If you’re buying a home, you shouldn’t have to offer on ten different homes.

You might hear crazy stories about how buyers had to offer on a dozen homes before they finally won, and this just shouldn’t be happening. You should only be making offers on things that you really have a chance of winning. 


Your relationship with your REALTOR® should last beyond your transaction.

Who do you call when you need a plumber because your water main broke?! Your real estate agent is going to be with you past closing. They’re there to give you great references for contractors and advice, so this is really someone you should LIKE and TRUST! This can be (and really should be) a beautiful, long-term relationship! 


It is really, really tough for buyers out in Portland right now. A really good REALTOR® who you love and trust is going to smooth that pathway for you and make it as easy and humanly possible to buy a home. 

I’d love to help you buy a home in Portland. Let’s chat about what you’re looking for—get in touch with me here! 

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