Giving back

Not a day goes by where I’m unaware of just how lucky I am in life. Lucky to do the job that I do, helping clients – just like you – locate and land their perfect home, or sell a much loved home to move on to greater digs. Lucky to have the flexibility to live my active life at the same time. Lucky to have been born in beautiful Oregon, a state abundant with urban spirit and endless wilderness that will never run out of adventure.

To help balance out my good fortune, I invest in my community.
And one small part of that involves you.

Once your transaction has closed, $100 from my commission will go towards a local non-profit in your name. 

These are charities that I’ve worked alongside for years, or whose mission resonates with me. And because your personal ethics may be a little different than mine, I’ve selected a variety to choose from – so that your contribution can go towards something that’s meaningful to you, as well. Here’s my current list:

Taking Ownership PDX: Taking Ownership PDX is a small-but-mighty collective of volunteer contractors, realtors, neighbors, and businesses brought together by Portland musician and activist, Randal Wyatt. This one’s extra personal, as it’s important to me to mitigate some of the historical damage done to our local communities of color through redlining, gentrification, and systemic racism. Together, we’re using our skills to help Black homeowners renovate and revive their homes, to preserve Black communities, and allow Black homeowners to age in place.

Michelle’s Love: Michelle Singleton, a single mother of four, passed away from cancer in 2005. Michelle’s Love was founded as a way to provide financial assistance to other moms battling cancer alone. So many of my clients happen to be single women, and I’m always awestruck by what they can accomplish with a little extra support. So far we’ve contributed: $1,300!

One Tail At a Time PDX: Yep, I’m a dog person. Through this organization, you can foster, adopt, or just give financial high fives to some really great dog-lovin’ folk. Your contribution helps them match sweet rescue doggos with their furever home. So far we’ve contributed: $1,500!

Girls, Inc. PNW: Once a week during school year, I volunteer as a mentor to girls for Girls, Inc. With a focus on empowering girls from ages 6-18 to reach their full potential, volunteers provide after-school programs and life experiences to help those girls build confidence (and fierceness) to carry into their futures. ‘Cos the future is femme-(re)presentin’, as we all know. So far we’ve contributed: $1,600!

Kenton Women’s Village: Located just a few blocks from where I live, this 14 tiny home transitional housing community is a success story for local women experiencing houselessness. Residents are provided with access to employment assistance, mental and physical health care, legal services, and other critical resources, with the view to eventually gain independence and strike out on their own to permanent, stable housing. So far we’ve contributed: $700!

Thanks so much for working alongside me to make lasting changes in the world, starting in our own backyard.

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